Diversity Advocacy Workgroups

Diversity Advocacy Workgroups Creating a more inclusive, welcoming campus environment
for students, faculty, and staff

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In Spring 2018, we invited the campus community to participate in Diversity Advocacy Workgroups to help establish a shared diversity framework for the university.

The workgroups were tasked with (1) analyzing recommendations from the Halualani Report (including the diversity mapping), previous diversity plans and other reports; (2) gathering and reviewing information on existing practices and policies related to diversity and inclusion; and (3) identifying short and long-term diversity initiatives, actions, efforts, or programs that may be resourced and sustained.

Advocacy workgroups were formed around the following themes

  • Developing a curriculum that supports the goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Recruiting, retaining, and graduating a diverse student body
  • Recruiting and retaining diverse faculty and staff toward building an inclusive campus culture

The workgroup reports have been completed and will be the starting point for the new Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion.

Timeline of Events

April 30, 2018 Diversity Advocacy Workgroup Kickoff Retreat
Teams will be given their “charge” and develop strategies and timelines
April – August Individual workgroups will work through summer to accomplish tasks outlined above
September 2018 Diversity Advocacy Workgroup reports delivered