Diversity Programming Excellence Fund

The Offices of the Chancellor and Academic Affairs have designated a set amount of funds for the year to be used for Diversity Programming on campus. Student, staff and faculty groups are invited to submit proposals to be considered to receive funding to support their diversity and inclusion related programming. Small grants ($500-$1,000) are available. Proposals are subject to review by the Diversity Council.

To be considered, the following criteria will be considered:

  • Focus of event must be related to diversity and inclusion.
  • Event must be a collaboration or co-sponsored event.
  • Event must be held on campus.
  • Event must be campus-wide.
  • Event must be free.
Other considerations:
  • Funds must be returned if the event is cancelled.
  • An organization will not receive funding for more than one event a year.
  • Requests from students must be from an RSO; requests from faculty/staff must be from a University recognized group.

It is strongly recommended that proposals be submitted 4 weeks before the event.

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