Join a #NCLUDE Learning Group


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#NCLUDE is designed so that individuals who desire to grow their knowledge, skills, and awareness in a particular DEI-related area can do so in an environment of care, commitment, and accountability. Learning groups co-create a space for students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members to engage in dynamic dialogue, reflection, and offer support to one another.

Each semester, #NCLUDE will offer a mix of learning groups anchored by one or two individuals. For those interested in joining an #NCLUDE small group, it involves three steps:


Look at small group descriptions:

  • Groups range in topics from accessibility to veteran/ military experiences. Some groups have an intended audience (I.e., instructors).


Check meeting dates and times:

  • Group members are expected to attend all scheduled meetings.


Complete registration form:

  • Fill out the form at the bottom of the page indicating your intentions for participating, group preferences, and accommodations.

Spring 2024 #NCLUDE Learning Groups Coming Soon

If you’re interested in starting a small group for the Spring Semester, visit our anchoring a small group page.