Part of the university's larger CEO Act!on commitment, My Husker Action is where individuals acknowledge and demonstrate authentic, genuine and intentional actions to eradicate systematic racism, injustice and inequality. We encourage all Huskers and the greater Nebraska community to share and celebrate actions taken that lead to addressing and changing racist and unjust practices, policies and behaviors. Follow along and share your actions online using the hashtag #MyHuskerAction.

Actions You Can Take Today

All of our individual actions have the ability to change racist and unjust practices, policies and behaviors. Below are just a few examples of actions you can take today.

  • Advocate for the needs and preferences of individuals outside of your social groups.
  • Ask questions to gain understanding and seek out different perspectives.
  • If you discover that you view a particular group with discomfort, make a conscious effort to learn more about that group.
  • Stimulate your curiosity about others: Make a conscious effort to learn more about that individual as well as they/her/his group, recognizing that interaction with one person does not predict or explain his, her, or they group norms.
  • Donate to anti-racism efforts.
  • Support Black owned businesses.
  • Vote.
  • Follow and help amplify nuanced voices on social media.
  • Volunteer.
  • Recognize your friends, family and coworkers actions again racism, injustice and inequity.
  • Fly a flag that shows your support for anti-racism efforts.

My Husker Action

After seeing a number of them flying in Washington, D.C., last summer, we purchased and hung a rainbow pride flag that mirrors the U.S. flag (blue field with stars, rainbow stripes rather than red and white). The initial idea was to show support for family and friends in the LGBTQA+ community. However, it's brought random joy during this crazy year as many neighbors — mostly teens — have stopped (some so happy they came up to the door to ring the bell) to let us know they appreciate our flag and the support it represents. We only intended to fly it for a couple of weeks, but the community response led us to keep it out through the summer. It's been amazing knowing that something so easy could lead to new friendships and make positive ripples in our neighborhood.
Troy FeddersonInternal Communication Director
Office of University Communications

My Husker Action

As part of a larger consortium for K-12 teachers, I've help launch an online book club for educators interested in engaging in anti-racist/racial justice work. We built the book club initiative in the immediate aftermath of George Floyd’s murder as a way to help teachers grow in their efforts towards racial justice. We currently have ~340 educators in our “Racial Healing Handbook” book club and are hopeful many more educators will continue to participate in strong learning that can lead to improved anti-racist educational practices through our book clubs and beyond.
Dr. Kara Viesca, Associate Professor
Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education

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Celebrate and share your actions

Download "My Husker Action" graphics and share on social media using the hashtag #MyHuskerAction to show how all of our actions together can  lead to addressing and changing racist and unjust practices, policies and behaviors.

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