Nebraska DEI Impact 2021 Winners

Marianna Burks receives award from Marco Barker

Diversity Leadership Staff Award

Marianna Burks fiercely advocates for her students and willingly shares her passion, expertise, and resources for mentoring with her colleagues. In reference to Marianna’s work, a colleague said, “Under her guidance, the Minority Pre-Health Association demonstrates advocacy for social justice and intercultural awareness through their programming and outreach activities. As an advisor, Marianna is always available to her students and mentees—we have paused meetings so she could respond to an urgent text message or take a phone call, and her students know she is always available to help.”

Stephanie Bondi receives award from Marco Barker

Diversity Leadership Faculty Award

Stephanie Bondi’s peers, department chair, and dean all attest to her contributions that not only impact her college but impact the institution. Dr. Bondi has been instrumental in building knowledge and skills among all on the college leadership team through special workshops and meetings. Dr. Bondi also serves as a well-known leader nationally for her work in diversity, equity, and inclusion in the student affairs field while also being an active member of the Lincoln and greater Nebraska community around issues of justice and anti-racism.

Batool Ibrahim receives award from Marco Barker

Promising Undergraduate Student Leader Award

Batool Ibrahim fiercely advocates for diverse perspectives on campus through several advocacy-based discussions, panels, and dialogues featuring leaders across the campus. Batool’s advocacy has earned her the esteem of several campus members and leaders, one noted, “I witnessed first-hand Batool’s advocacy for Black students and her championing of inclusion, diversity, and equity across student campus life… Batool never wavered from her intention to be a positive change-agent on campus. She understands her limits and works collaboratively through strategic partnerships and with allies.”

Brooke Well receives award from Marco Barker

Promising Graduate Student Leader Award

Through Brooke Wells' time with the Rural Fellows program, she has taken the vision and ideas of the organization leaders to create a solid structure that allows the expansion and continuation of research that is true evidence of her diligence and passion in advancing research in equity, inclusive, and diversity issues. Brooke's mentors and campus leaders have notes that, “Diversity and inclusion are at the center of her work” and that she “demonstrates a passion for creating a diverse and inclusive UNL community.”

Bureau of Sociological Research employees receive award from Marco Barker

Collective Impact Award

The Bureau of Sociological Research (BOSR) conducts national, regional, and local surveys using a variety of survey research methods. BOSR maintains a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion in its mission and practice. While this commitment grows out of BOSR’s roots in Sociology, a field noted as committed to social justice and equity, the unit is lauded for “creating a workplace that deliberately seeks to hire people who will complement current student employees by ensuring that we have a diversity of experiences, perspectives, and people from groups underrepresented on University campuses, and is structured to support their inclusion and success.”