Nkenge Friday, a diversity and inclusion strategist with a background leading organizational-wide diversity and inclusion operations, serves as the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives.

Focusing efforts on equity, inclusion, and diversity as an institutional wide strategy, Friday works with leaders and constituents to develop strategic plans and initiatives that align with collaborative based frameworks, aligning organizational needs with industry trends and best practices. Friday’s research examines the role of institutions of higher learning during periods of sociopolitical conflict and leveraging diversity and inclusion for global leadership and engagement.

In her most recent role as an Associate Dean and Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Marietta College, Friday directed a cultural climate assessment that led to the creation of the inclusive excellence initiative, One Marietta. This initiative introduced the college’s first multicultural student center and themed housing community, along with the establishment of five-full tuition scholarships for historically underserved students engaged in social justice.

Friday has also developed and delivered diversity research and training to international communities, including in Scotland, South Africa and India, as part of her work with SIT Graduate Institute.

Friday, a certified Qualified Administrator for the Intercultural Development Inventory, received her BA from Tougaloo College, MA from the University of Oklahoma and Doctor of Education from Nova Southeastern University.

portrait of Nkenge Friday