Inclusive Leadership Retreats

Inclusive Leadership Retreat

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Cover of the Inclusive Leadership notebook

All students are invited to apply to participate in the Inclusive Leadership Retreat.

The retreat will be held Sunday, February 19, 2023 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM in the Nebraska Union. Participants must sign up by Monday, February 10.

Inclusive Leadership Retreats are designed to help us all think deeply about how to lead inclusively and to take on leadership roles — in the classroom, in university clubs or organizations, and in our communities.

Through small group activities and interactive discussions, you will:

  • Gain awareness of what it means to be an inclusive leader
  • Develop confidence in facilitating conversations about inclusion and diversity
  • Build connections to other students, staff, and faculty leaders on campus.
Students filling out a notebook at the Inclusive Leadership Retreat
A group of students at an Inclusive Leadership Retreat

Retreat participants are equipped to apply for university leadership positions, including peer mentors and consultants, RSO executive positions, NSE orientation leaders, resident assistants, and college and research ambassadors. Participants are certified to serve as conversation guides for Husker Dialogues, the annual UNL campus-wide event held each fall for first year students.

Registration is limited to the first 150 students who sign up. Refreshments will be provided.

Sign up for the Inclusive Leadership Retreat