Support Diversity and Inclusion

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We believe in the power of every person! We also believe that every person and every interaction matters.
We hope you do too.

The essence and heart of diversity and inclusion centers on the belief that everyone matters and the more we understand, the better we can create an environment that ignites innovation, leadership, and learning — the pillars of higher education.

I invite you or your organization to join us in creating an environment where interactions matter and where our students become the most prepared to work in a growingly diverse world and solve both local and global problems.

Specifically, your support strengthens:

  • Education. Creating more inclusive learning environments so our students are prepared to lead in an engaging and growingly diverse world.
  • Programs. Developing and offering experiences for the UNL community and Nebraskans that offer perspectives and bridges cultural knowledge.
  • Infrastructure. Strengthening the offices ability to connect people across our institution and within the community while serving as a resource for UNL and the state.
  • Nebraska’s Workforce. Identifying and supporting top talent to work, teach, an d study at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, allowing faculty, staff, and students’ expertise and talent to fuel innovation in our state and the world.
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Support may be in the form of mentorship, volunteerism, and/or financial commitment. For more information on how you can support or invest in diversity and inclusion at UNL, please contact us at

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