Who is invited to the Collective Impact Conference?

The Collective Impact Conference celebrates the collective impact of faculty, staff, and graduate students who champion Inclusive Excellence with an afternoon event designed to connect members of the UNL community with one another. This collaborative event, organized by faculty, staff, and graduate students, invites Inclusive Excellence champions across UNL to engage in well-being and professional development sessions that support individual and collective success.

This event welcomes individuals who identify as one of the following:

  • Someone with Inclusive Excellence leadership responsibilities in their respective unit.
  • Someone employed or serving in centers on campus that elevate the needs, knowledge, strengths, and norms of underrepresented communities.
  • Someone actively engaged in leadership through programs or committees associated with Diversity, Equity, or Inclusion.
  • Someone with academic and/or practice expertise in the areas associated with Diversity, Equity, or Inclusion.

If we have missed inviting someone who falls into one of these four areas, please do not hesitate to let us know at diversity@unl.edu.