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Past Newsletters

September 2021

  • Save the Date for State of Diversity 2021
  • NCLUDE Session Explores New Chosen Name, Gender Identities Policy
  • Roots Program Prepares Indigenous School Leaders
  • Colloquium on Racial Justice
  • Multicultural Homecoming 2021

August 2021

  • Open Houses for ODI and OASIS
  • Husker Dialogues Seeks Conversation Guides
  • Global and Historical Moments of Reckoning
  • Mellon Grant to Transform African Poetry Research, Scholarship
  • Bystander Intervention Resources

July 2021

  • Faculty, Staff Sought as Diversity Ambassadors

  • NU Leaders Respond to Resolution Opposing Critical Race Theory

  • First Gen Takes on Leadership Role

  • Education Summit Aims to Expand Sustainability

  • Researcher Developing Tool to Support Survivors

June 2021

  • Juneteenth Commemoration and Celebrations
  • Campus to Mark 50 Years of LGBTQ Studies
  • Barkley Clinic Celebrates 40th Year of Hearing Aid
  • Professor Helps Curtail Native Stereotypes in Oregon Trail Update
  • Spotlighting LGBTQA+ Community Members

May 2021

  • Research Institute Aims to Bring Diverse ‘New Storytellers’ to Digital Scholarship

  • Prevention Program to Reduce Dating Violence Among LGBTQ+ Youth

  • Spotlighting Members of Nebraska’s APIDA Community
  • University Celebrates LGBTQA+ Award Winners

  • Developing Effective Diversity Statements

April 2021

  • Nebraska DEI Impact Award Recipients Announced

  • NCLUDE Celebrates Inaugural Year

  • Professor Tracking Female Judicial Appointments Around the Globe

  • Student Research into Diversity of Faith on Campus

  • Tips to Cope with Racial Trauma and Racial Battle Fatigue