Professional Development Opportunities to Strengthen Inclusivity & Diversity-Mindedness

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a place where every person and every interaction matters. This page serves as a resource hub for faculty and staff, both supervisors and employees, to find tools to use on their inclusive excellence professional development journeys.

Performance Evaluation Resources

Read HR's Evaluation Guidelines

See HR’s Staff Performance Evaluation Guidelines for tips on evaluating inclusivity.

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Start the Conversation

Consider these ideas to start your diversity and inclusive-mindedness professional development journey.

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Get Familiar with Terminology

Visit our common language glossary to create a shared understanding of DEI terminology.

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Diversity & Inclusion RESOURCES

Diversity Education & Training

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion offers a number of diversity education opportunities for faculty, staff, and students. While we do have several core programs that we offer, we work with units across campus to tailor these programs toward specific needs such as catering to implicit bias in hiring or navigating conversations across difference. On our website you will find a list of descriptions of these programs as well as a webform where you can make a diversity education request for us to visit your group or unit.

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#NCLUDE Learning Community

Nebraska Community of Learners — Understanding Diversity through Education (#NCLUDE) is a space to talk candidly about inclusive excellence being a part of our everyday interactions. Each semester a series of small groups address topics associated with inclusive excellence.  Member can join at the beginning of each semester, and must commit to all six meetings, as well as educational preparation for each meeting.  Individuals can also propose and "anchor" a group of thier own in collaboration with the ODI. 

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Integrated Learning Opportunites Calendar

As a land grant institution that leverages the diversity of thought, the Inclusive Leadership and Learning Unit (ILL) in the Office of Diversity & Inclusion, seeks to comprehensively engage the University with the expectation that everyone will contribute to  inclusive excellence. Our learning opportunities calendar integrates professional development and learning opportunities hosted by units across the university to help you find an opportunity that fits your needs.

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Husker Dialogues

Incoming first-year students participate in Husker Dialogues, a diversity and inclusion event designed to introduce first-year students to tools they can use to engage in meaningful conversations to help create an inclusive Husker community. Husker Dialogues is led by students, faculty, and staff who have the great responsibility of serving as conversation guides to facilitate the discussion between students. Signing up as a facilitator for this event will offer you skills in starting and managing difficult conversations across difference.

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Dish It Up

Dish it Up is an interactive weekly conversation where individuals can share their personal views, learn from others and engage in civil discussions concerning current events, topics affecting students' lives, UNL, and national/international happenings. We invite you to be a part of the conversation every Tuesday from noon to 1 PM. Dish It Up will be held in the Unity Room (212) of the Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center. Not able to join in person? No worries - join us virtually at All Are Welcome.

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Faculty of Color Symposium

The annual Symposium, organized by faculty members at the University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL), is designed to recognize the perspectives and unique experiences of faculty of color, observe scholarly contributions and successes and determine paths forward in fostering a UNL community that celebrates diversity, inclusion, and equity in teaching, research, and service/extension/outreach.

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State of Diversity

The annual State of Diversity is meant to provoke thought, extend conversations, and inform current practices related to our university-wide diversity efforts. The series brings thought leaders to campus who can inspire and challenge us to engage the theological, cultural, and institutional aspects of this work. This annual event is part of a larger effort to establish community rhythms that focus on learning together and living into our diversity commitments as a university.

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BRIDGE Recruitment Guide

The BRIDGE initiative: Breakthrough Recruitment for Inclusive Diversity Growth and Excellence is designed as a roadmap to help get us there. BRIDGE is a faculty and staff search best practice guide for inclusive excellence. This program demonstrates our University’s deep appreciation for diversity, inclusion, and equity. With an ever-changing world, our institution must be open to change, able to adapt, and remain innovative in our research, creative, engagement, and administrative activities.

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Chancellor's Commissions

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln has in place three commissions whose role is to advise the chancellor on issues that impact equity and inclusiveness on campus: The Chancellor's Commission on the Status of People of Color, The Chancellor's Commission on the Status of Women, and The Chancellor's Commission on the Status of Gender and Sexual Identity.

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Campus & Community Connections

Campus & community connections for new and prospective employees is a brief overview of the of the resources, businesses, and organizations– broken down by specific categories– available at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and within the city of Lincoln and surrounding areas. This webpage is accessible for anyone to peruse (prospective students, faculty and staff, UNL Alumni, visitors to UNL, etc.)

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Racial Equity Resources

Our response to systemic inequities and racial injustice must be diverse and wide-ranging, reflecting the vast needs of our campus. In addition to action and resources coordinated by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, we have also curated a library of resources that reflect our Colleges, University Libraries, collaborating units, and key institutional groups. These resources are designed to further your understanding of racial equity and to effect change.

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Stay up-to-date

Following the UNL Diversity calendar, as well as other calendars, will help you stay up-to date on events and opportunities. Additionally, please subscribe to the ODI Newsletter to receive email updates on upcoming events and initiatives to help you along your inclusive excellence journey.

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Other Campus Resources

global fair
Event Calendars

Make sure to subscribe to UNL’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Ethnic Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, and LGBTQA+ Center event calendars to keep up to date on events and educational opportunities.

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Webinar Recordings

In addition to recordings of past UNL events such as NCLUDE sessions, CEO Act!on sessions, and Gender and Equity talks, there are a number of free webinars online that may help you continue your diversity education. For example, the National Equity Project, The American Public Health Association, The National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health, and Learning For Justice are all organizations that offer free webinar recordings and accompanying resources to learn more about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Center for Transformative Teaching Opportunities

The mission of the Center for Transformative Teaching is to collaborate with educators across departments and programs to promote evidence-based, inclusive, innovative, and effective teaching for all learners. CTT staff provide many valuable services, among which are resources that provide strategies and best practices for inclusive excellence in learning environments.

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LGBTQA+ Center Opportunities

The LGBTQA+ center offers a number of education opportunities for faculty, staff, and students. Their core programs include LGBTQA+ 101, Ally 101, and Pronouns 101.On their website you will find a list of descriptions of these programs as well as a webform where you can make an education request for them to visit your group or unit.Additionally, the LGBTQA+ Center offers an extensive resource library to utilize as you continue on your inclusive excellence journey.

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Women's Center Opportunities

The Women’s center offers a number of education opportunities for faculty, staff, and students including holding the annual Gender Equity Conference. On their website you will find a webform where you can make a diversity education request for us to visit your group or unit. Additionally, the Women’s Center offers an extensive resource library to utilize as you continue on your inclusive excellence journey.

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Racial Literacy Roundtables

Led by collaborators from Teaching Learning and Teacher Education, Child Youth and Family Studies, and the Teacher Scholars Academy, the Racial Literacy Roundtables are primarily for College of Education and Human Sciences students, particularly pre-service teachers, to work on developing racial literacy skills. However, these roundtables are open to all who wish to attend or help facilitate.

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Affinity Groups


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is an institutional member of the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity. The NCFDD is a nationally-recognized independent organization dedicated to supporting faculty, particularly under-represented faculty, post-docs, and graduate students, in making successful transitions throughout their careers. NCFDD provides online career development, training, and mentoring resources.

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Faculty and Staff Accessibility Resource Group

An affinity group of people whose various disabilities and conditions that affect how they do their jobs and how they live their lives as part of the community at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as well as the city of Lincoln and the state of Nebraska. Their goal is to welcome people and share our insight, experiences, and information that may assist employees with disabilities at the university. 

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Multicultural Professionals Network (MPN)

MPN offers opportunities for mentoring, networking, and professional development. They serve as a catalyst and influence campus climate and culture by developing a community that supports, empowers, and sustains multicultural staff and faculty. MPN welcomes all staff and faculty across departments and offices at Nebraska.

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African/African-American Leadership Caucus

The AAALC is comprised of African and African American faculty, and staff at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln who recognize the need for a network or mechanism that seeks to attend to and promote the inclusion, wellbeing, and advancement of faculty, staff, and students of African descent. If interested in learning more about this caucus or joining, please email Dr. Gwendolyn Combs at


Advocating for Inclusion, Respect and Equity (AFIRE) is a program focused on promoting inclusion, respect, and equity for faculty, staff and students in the College of Education and Human Services. The CEHS AFIRE program is in alignment with campus-wide efforts focused on inclusive excellence.

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Reaching One Reaching All (RORA)

Reaching One, Reaching All is an Extension Interest Group that is intended to provide professional development resources around the issue of diversity, cultural/global competence, equity, and inclusion. Our writers include faculty, staff, students, and other contributors with expertise in diversity issues.

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Inclusion Diversity Equity Access (IDEA)

IDEA committee works closely with the University to ensure the equal right of every member of the community –students, staff, and faculty– to be included, supported, and heard. As educators, they value multiple perspectives and embrace excellence through diversity of all kinds. Diversity and inclusion are everyone’s responsibility.

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Library Diversity Committee

The University Libraries creates and fosters inclusive environments for teaching, learning, scholarship, creative expression, and civic engagement. The ability to find, access, evaluate, utilize, and create reliable information is central to higher education, the public good, and achieving equity and justice. This committee provides an array of library services, collections, and spaces to meet the needs of students, faculty, and researchers.

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Association for Women in Science

The Association for Women in Science aims to create a campus culture to increase the participation and impact of women in all areas of STEM and at all levels in the academy and the broader scientific community. On their site you can find information on how to become a member and upcoming events

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