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At the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, we believe all students deserve to be here—to grow, to invent themselves, to reinvent themselves. Not to be the spokesperson of everyone who looks like them, loves like them, prays like them, but to become the best version of themselves. We believe each student’s story matters.

To that end, we’ve resourced our Office of Admissions with the Diversity and Community Outreach Team to support the recruitment of students from all backgrounds. Through their work, and the work of the whole admissions team, each UNL class has grown increasingly diverse. In 2016, we enrolled 2,980 minority undergraduate students (14.3 percent of the undergraduate total), which made our undergraduate student body the most diverse in the university's history.

However, we still have work to do to reach our goal of a student body with at least 18% diversity. We will continue to work with prospective students, their families, schools and community organizations in pursuit of our goal.

A sample listing of many of our college access and diversity-focused efforts is included below.

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Nebraska College Preparatory Academy Learn More About NCPA

The Nebraska College Preparatory Academy prepares first-generation and low-income students from Omaha North Magnet and Grand Island Senior High Schools to achieve academic excellence throughout high school and college.

This is achieved through academic counseling and support, leadership building and personal development throughout high school and college, as well as financial assistance to attend the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and/or Metropolitan Community College.

During 2016-17, NCPA is serving more than 240 high school and college scholars. NCPA begins its tenth year of programming in the 2016-17 school year. 

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Diversity Leadership Symposia More information

The First Generation Symposium, Black Leadership Symposium, Latino Leadership Symposium and Native Leadership Symposium are special events for high school students designed to celebrate and promote leadership in diverse communities.

Students who are nominated to attend one of these events during their high school career qualify to be considered for the Emerging Leaders Scholarship worth $2,000 renewable for up to four years. More than 2,200 students are expected to attend the 2016-17 symposia.

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Emerging Leaders Scholarship
Davis-Chambers Scholarship
Native American Heritage Scholarship
Nebraska Achievement Scholarship
Davis-Chambers Community College Transfer Scholarship
Nebraska Achievement Community College Scholarship for Transfers
Tribal College Scholarship for Transfers
In-State Tuition for Native Americans

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Community Involvement

Application Nights & Community Organization Visits

Office of Admissions staff are actively involved in schools and community organizations of all kinds in an effort to promote college access. During 2015-16, UNL participated in over 50 college application events and 40 community events, helping students and families navigate the college application process.

College Access Days and Group Visits

College Access Days provide the opportunity for school counselors to signup students to visit the University of Nebraska–Lincoln as a group. Instead of a traditional campus visit, students experience an interactive day where they can learn what it's like to be a college student. The Office of Admissions works with school representatives and community organizations to provide free transportation to campus from local communities for college access visits.

Each year, we have the opportunity to host about 2,500 students through College Access Days and share with them what the path to college looks like.

In addition, the Office of Admissions hosts over 3,000 visitors each year in personalized Group Visits tailored to the specific needs of each group.

NEBRASKA Achievement Banquet

Academically promising high school seniors who are nominated by their school counselor are invited to attend the annual NEBRASKA Achievement Banquet which recognizes and celebrates students from diverse backgrounds. Attending the banquet qualifies the student to receive the Achievement Scholarship. In 2015, more than 1,000 students and guests attended the banquet.

Director’s Admitted Student Reception

This special event is designed to recognize high school seniors from diverse backgrounds who have been admitted to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and provides an opportunity to meet other students from their area and staff members from the Office of Admissions to learn more about attending NEBRASKA.

Spanish Visit Days

Spanish Visit Days provide a campus experience with sessions and tour hosted in Spanish. These visits are offered five times throughout the fall and spring. Attending a Spanish Visit qualifies the student to receive the Emerging Leaders Scholarship worth $2,000 renewable for up to four years. If students and families are not able to attend a Spanish Visit Day, we can provide Spanish-language accommodations, such as bilingual staff and translation headsets. (However, these visits do not qualify for the Emerging Leaders Scholarship.) 

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On-Campus Connections

Diversity Ambassadors

Diversity Ambassadors are students who work through the Office of Admissions to provide outreach to first generation and underrepresented prospective student and families. They share their story at special campus visits, leadership symposiums, off-campus events, and middle and high schools. Several Spanish-speaking ambassadors participate in this outreach.

Campus Tour Guides

The Office of Admission employs a diverse group of campus tour guides who represent five different countries and speak multiple languages (e.g. English, Spanish, German, Mandarin).

The First Husker Program

The First Husker Program is an orientation designed to give first-generation freshmen the best possible start to their college career. First Husker students move in five days early, attend workshops with faculty and staff, and participate in social activities with fellow First Huskers.

The DREAM BIG Academy

The College of Business Administration’s DREAM BIG Academy is a 4-day program for diverse, upcoming high school seniors that provides the opportunity to learn about the life of a college student, the dynamic world of business, and potential career opportunities.

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Spanish-Language Resources

The Office of Admissions provides Spanish-speaking staff and Diversity Ambassadors to best serve our prospective students and families.

We offer tours, presentations and Spanish Visit Days. A recent Spanish-language visit had 60 students and families participating.

Students can request to receive admission materials in English and Spanish. Attendees registering for events also have the option to request Spanish-language accommodations, such as bilingual staff and translation headsets.

At events, bi-lingual staff wear “Hablo Español” buttons and “Hablo Español” stickers are available for attendees to wear, if they choose, so staff and families can easily identify fellow Spanish speakers.