Newsletter Archive

September 2023

  • Otoe-Missouria Nation Homecoming Ceremony
  • Husker Dialogues Welcomes Over 1,500 Students
  • UndocuAlly Training Open for Registration
  • Annual Fiesta on the Green
  • LGBTQA+ History Month Dinner

August 2023

  • OASIS Welcomes 200+ Scholars
  • STEM-POWER Receives National Recognition
  • TAPP Project Provides Results
  • Husker Dialogues Open to First Year Students
  • Lavender Closet Pop-Up

June 2023

  • 2nd Annual Juneteenth Commemoration
  • Legacy of Louis Crompton
  • Racial Inequalities in Ornithology Community
  • Cultural Heritage Celebrations Calendar Launched
  • Community of Nebraska Business Partners Information Sessions

May 2023

  • MLK Youth Rally Presents ODI with Recognition
  • Campus Earns Gold Rating for Sustainability
  • ODI Launches New Social Media Channel
  • Star City Pride Festival June 9-10
  • Juneteenth Commemorative Celebration June 19

April 2023

  • 2023 Recipients of Nebraska DEI Impact Awards
  • Council Formed to Support University's Sustainability Goals
  • Final #NCLUDE of Academic Year
  • Water for Food Global Conference
  • OASIS Destress Fest

March 2023

  • Nebraska DEI Impact Awards
  • Engineering Named National Leader in Diversity Efforts
  • Digging Deeper Together with #NCLUDE
  • JGMC Week
  • Fire and Ice Drag Show

February 2023

  • Husker Dialogues Seeks Student Speakers
  • Team Earns Grant to Connect History, Civil Rights
  • Celebrating Collective Impact
  • Spotlighting Campus Members During Black History Month
  • Women’s History Month Celebration

January 2023

  • MLK Week Features Panel, Workshop, Student Banquet and Service
  • All in the Rollout Campus-Wide
  • Nebraska DEI Impact Award Nominations Open
  • LGBTQA+ Center to Celebrate 15 Years
  • Fulfilling the Dream Award Recipients

December 2022

  • Tommie Smith Named Keynote for MLK Commemorative Celebration
  • MLK Week of Activities Announced
  • Rural Nebraska Voice Water Quality Concerns
  • Project Preserves Holocaust Survivors’ Memories
  • CTT Seeks Teaching Grants Proposals

November 2022

  • Programs Amplify Life for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing
  • First Gen Continues to Highlight, Support Students
  • Faculty of Color Symposium Features Alumna
  • NCLUDE Highlights New Direction
  • Spotlighting Campus Members During Native American Heritage Month

October 2022

  • UNL Recognized for Fostering Diversity, Inclusion in STEM Fields
  • Nominations for Fulfilling the Dream Award
  • NSF Grant Expands Efforts to Retain Underrepresented STEM Students
  • Faculty of Color Symposium
  • November NCLUDE

September 2022

  • Otoe-Missouria Descendants Welcomed Back to Nebraska
  • Husker Dialogues 2022 Concluded on September 15
  • New DEI Learning Opportunities Calendar
  • Inclusive Election Resources
  • Elvira Abrica Named ODI Research Fellow

August 2022

  • Director for Faculty Engagement and Well-Being Named
  • ODI at the Union
  • Roundtable on Equity in Student Success
  • Husker Dialogues Hybrid Format and Dates
  • NCLUDE Fall Kick Off

July 2022

  • Summer Program for Native Youths Returns
  • ODI at the Union Scheduled for August 30
  • Conference to Explore Complex History of Great Plains
  • Researchers Developing AI-Based App to Boost STEM Grades
  • OASIS Kick Off Scheduled for August 28

June 2022

  • Pride Month 2022
  • Inaugural Juneteenth Commemoration
  • Year in Review
  • Lavender Closet Looks to Expand
  • CEHS to Honor Gwendolyn Newkirk with Building Renaming

May 2022

  • Juneteenth Commemorative Event Scheduled for June 20
  • Racial Literacy Roundtables Earn Inclusive Excellence Honor
  • Star City Pride Parade Scheduled June 18-19
  • Being Black in Lincoln Receives Journalism Award
  • Campus Members Spotlighted During APIDA History Month

April 2022

  • Inclusive Excellence Aim for N2025
  • Digital Project on Nebraska Holocaust Stories
  • CEO Action Day of Understanding
  • Twelve Years of the JGMC
  • Nebraska DEI Impact Award Spotlight

March 2022

  • Director for Faculty Engagement and Well-Being Search
  • Professional Development Guide for Diversity Evaluation Criteria
  • Nebraska DEI Impact Award Winners and Ceremony Announced
  • Walter Echo-Hawk Deliver E.N. Thompson Lecture
  • Final NCLUDE of the Academic Year

February 2022

  • Black History Month Spotlight
  • Next AVC for Inclusive Leadership and Learning Named
  • Nebraska DEI Impact Awards Nominations Open
  • Panel on Journey of Religious, Spiritual and Humanist Leaders
  • Institute for Ethnic Studies Celebrating 50 Years

January 2022

  • Honoring Professor Anna W. Shavers
  • Campus Celebrates MLK Through Week-Long Commemoration
  • ODI Prepares to ‘Glow All In’
  • New Research Aims to Improve Support for Sex Trafficking Survivors
  • Nominations Open for Nebraska DEI Impact Awards

December 2021

  • Season of Reflection
  • Raising Veteran Suicide Awareness
  • Study Examines Nebraskans’ Views on Trans Rights
  • NCLUDE Session Features Dominique Morgan
  • Volunteer Opportunities During MLK Week

November 2021

  • A Message of Thanks from ODI
  • Nominations Open for Fulfilling the Dream Award
  • University Leaders Outline Initiatives for Racial Equity
  • December NCLUDE Features Trans Activist Dominique Morgan
  • Intersectionality and Belonging Panel

October 2021

  • Annual State of Diversity Held as Hybrid
  • College and Unit-Level Diversity Planning Spotlighted
  • Nebraska Celebrates Indigenous Peoples Day
  • National First Generation Celebration Week
  • Gender Equity Conference

September 2021

  • Save the Date for State of Diversity 2021
  • NCLUDE Session Explores New Chosen Name, Gender Identities Policy
  • Roots Program Prepares Indigenous School Leaders
  • Colloquium on Racial Justice
  • Multicultural Homecoming 2021

August 2021

  • Open Houses for ODI and OASIS
  • Husker Dialogues Seeks Conversation Guides
  • Global and Historical Moments of Reckoning
  • Mellon Grant to Transform African Poetry Research, Scholarship
  • Bystander Intervention Resources

July 2021

  • Faculty, Staff Sought as Diversity Ambassadors

  • NU Leaders Respond to Resolution Opposing Critical Race Theory

  • First Gen Takes on Leadership Role

  • Education Summit Aims to Expand Sustainability

  • Researcher Developing Tool to Support Survivors

June 2021

  • Juneteenth Commemoration and Celebrations
  • Campus to Mark 50 Years of LGBTQ Studies
  • Barkley Clinic Celebrates 40th Year of Hearing Aid
  • Professor Helps Curtail Native Stereotypes in Oregon Trail Update
  • Spotlighting LGBTQA+ Community Members

May 2021

  • Research Institute Aims to Bring Diverse ‘New Storytellers’ to Digital Scholarship

  • Prevention Program to Reduce Dating Violence Among LGBTQ+ Youth

  • Spotlighting Members of Nebraska’s APIDA Community
  • University Celebrates LGBTQA+ Award Winners

  • Developing Effective Diversity Statements

April 2021

  • Nebraska DEI Impact Award Recipients Announced

  • NCLUDE Celebrates Inaugural Year

  • Professor Tracking Female Judicial Appointments Around the Globe

  • Student Research into Diversity of Faith on Campus

  • Tips to Cope with Racial Trauma and Racial Battle Fatigue

March 2021

  • Inaugural Nebraska DEI Impact Award Ceremony
  • Dish it Up Series Examines Uptick in Anti-Asian Violence
  • JGMC Week Celebrated March 29 – April 2
  • Husker Dialogues Seek Volunteers for Speakers and More
  • Journalism Course Highlights Black Experience in Lincoln

February 2021

  • Inaugural Nebraska DEI Impact Awards
  • Spring Celebration on Racial Justice
  • MASA Celebrates 50th Anniversary
  • Magnificent Milestone for Multicultural Center
  • Vision Maker Media Celebrates 45 Years

January 2021

  • MLK Week Features Bernice King
  • Fagan, Yankton Receive Fulfilling the Dream Award
  • Webinar Highlights Communicating with Farmers Under Stress
  • Support Group for Young People Who Stutter
  • Anti-Racism Journey Co-Leaders Respond to Incident at U.S. Capitol

December 2020

  • A Message on Finding Joy
  • Keynote Speaker for MLK 2021
  • Morrill Hall Exhibition Celebrates Tribal Nations
  • Research Raise Impact of Holocaust Education
  • Workshop on Equity in Undergraduate Programs

November 2020

  • MLK Week 2021
  • Bias Reporting Processes
  • Veterans Tribute Design Plans
  • Stress Reaction to Racism Study
  • Multicultural Hall of Fame 2020 Class

October 2020

  • State of Diversity
  • Multicultural Homecoming
  • Faculty of Color Symposium
  • History of Genoa Indian School
  • Faculty Workshops

September 2020

  • Save the Date for State of Diversity
  • Colloquium for Racial Justice
  • Military Veterans Step More Into STEM
  • COVID Impact on Older Minority Adults
  • Developing Civic-Minded Institutions

August 2020

  • NCPA Celebrates Record Graduation Rates
  • Hostile Terrain 94 Workshops
  • Inaugural NCLUDE Meeting
  • Meet the Director of Faculty Diversity
  • Racial Equity Resources

July 2020

  • Journey to Anti-Racism Co-Leaders Named
  • Research on ‘Chinese Virus’
  • Improved Campus Climate for LGBTQA+ Students
  • Meet the AVC of Leadership and Learning
  • Husker Pantry Reopens

June 2020

  • Pride Month Commemoration and Celebration
  • Focused Pursuit of Racial Equity
  • Racial Equity Resources
  • Campus Responses on National Unrest
  • Black Student Union Address Community Need

May 2020

  • ODI Releases Video of Support
  • Lavender Graduation and Award Commemoration
  • AAALC Virtual Graduation Celebration
  • First-Generation Nebraska Receives Award
  • Report on Inclusion and Diversity During Crises

April 2020

  • 10 Year Anniversary of JGMC
  • D&I Live at 5
  • New COVID Resources
  • CIED Initiating University Strategy and Mapping
  • New ASUN Executive Leadership Team

March 2020

  • Women’s History Month Commemoration
  • Faculty 101 with Kwame Dawes
  • Husker Students Receive Luminary Awards
  • Nebraska to Write First Internationalization Strategy
  • ODI Webinar on Inclusive Excellence for Virtual Learning

February 2020

  • Campus and Community Commemorate Black History Month
  • Huskers Take Diversity Pledge
  • UNL Hosts Undergraduate Women in Mathematics Conference
  • Dinner and Raffle for Missing and Exploited Indigenous Children
  • Professor Earns Fellows to Explore ‘America in Africa’

January 2020

  • Ruby Bridges Keynote at MLK Brunch
  • Athletic Department's Annual Diversity and Inclusion Summit
  • Nebraska's Inclusive Excellence Grant Awarded to UNL Professor
  • American Advertising Federation Recognizes UNL Students
  • First Generation 3rd Annual Welcome Back Waffles

December 2019

  • State of Diversity
  • University Joins Alliance Focused on Diversity in STEM
  • Nebraska Athlete Named NCAA Woman of the Year
  • Multicultural Center Hall of Fame
  • Diversity Collaborative Initiatives