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Students at Husker Dialogues

On Thursday, September 10, 2020, at 7 p.m. in the Bob Devaney Sports Center, incoming first-year students will participate in Husker Dialogues, a diversity and inclusion event facilitated by student, faculty and staff conversation guides.

Husker Dialogues is designed to introduce first-year students to tools they can use to engage in meaningful conversations to help create an inclusive Husker community.

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Among the 2410 students who responded to the follow-up survey:

  • 83.1%

    students agreed that the student stories increased their awareness of diversity in the campus community.

  • 88.5%

    students agreed that the event modeled respectful ways to talk about diversity and inclusion.

  • 93.7%

    students agreed that the conversation guides promoted respectful discussion.

  • 63.2%

    students agreed that they will attend an event focused on diversity and inclusion in the next year.

  • 86.4%

    students agreed that learning about diversity and inclusion is important in their university experience.

  • 75.2%

    students felt more confident in discussing diversity and inclusion issues.

Husker Dialogues Event Surveys, 2019

I thought I was an open-minded person, but Husker Dialogues made me realize that I need to open my mind even wider about my actions and thoughts towards others’ cultures and races. I, along with many students I spoke with, want to make UNL a safe environment… and it all starts by acting and making the first move.

I just opened up about a lot of things that I’ve never really talked about out loud. It showed me how fun and liberating it can be to talk about diversity and embrace each others’ differences.  Comments from participants of Husker Dialogues, 2019


To ensure the success of this event, we need volunteers — faculty, staff, and students — to serve on our committees. If you possess excellent interpersonal communication skills and want to work toward creating a welcoming environment for all UNL students, we need your help in the following committees.

Husker Conversation Guides

Husker Conversation Trainers


Student Experience

Marketing and Communication

Committee Information

Conversation Guide Resources

If this is your first time volunteering as a Conversation Guide or you'd like to review and practice conversation skills prior to the Husker Dialogues training and event, we encourage you to refer to these resources: 

How to facilitate effective group discussions

How to address a quiet group

 Responding to microaggression and bias

TipSheet for Conversation Guides