September 6, 2023 | 7:00PM - 8:30PM

Husker Dialogues

The Nebraska Coliseum on city campus

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Let's Have Brave Conversations

Husker Dialogues is where first-year students learn to have brave conversations about building community, embracing differences, and becoming engaged on campus — all while being introduced to fellow Huskers from all different backgrounds. Students hear from amazing student speakers before breaking out to chat in small groups with trained students, staff and faculty conversation guides about how to build an inclusive campus for everyone.

If you have a disability and are requesting accommodations for Husker Dialogues, please email Requests for American Sign Language interpreters must be submitted by August 31, 2023.

Here’s what students can expect from attending:

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Increased awareness on the importance of respectful dialogue.

hands above and below a heart

A greater understanding they belong to a university that values inclusive excellence.

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Gain confidence to engage with peers from different backgrounds and to create a community at UNL.

Attendance is expected for all first-year students. Join us on September 6th at 7pm in the Coliseum to take the first steps toward inclusive excellence!

NCards will be scanned to report attendance back to professors.

Nebraska is an inclusive learning community where all opinions, values and beliefs are respected. Where every interaction and every person matters. Husker Dialogue participants are expected to follow our community guidelines.

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Husker Dialogues gave me an outlet to share my story in a setting where I normally wouldn't get the chance to. It was thought provoking to hear others' stories as well reinforce my own.

Comments from participants of Husker Dialogues, 2022

Among the 1602 students who responded to the follow-up survey:

  • 93%

    students agreed that the student stories increased their awareness of differences that exist in the UNL community.

  • 90%

    students found the event thought provoking.

  • 98%

    students agreed that the conversation guides promoted respectful discussion.

  • 83%

    of students agreed that the Husker Dialogue event was meaningful.

  • 94%

    students agreed that learning about respectful dialgoue and impactful Husker engagement was vital to their university experience.

  • 91%

    of students responded that they are condifent in engaging in brave and respectful conversations.

Husker Dialogues Event Surveys, 2023

This year's survey revealed an increase in attendance over the past three years, with a notable 32.46% increase from the previous year.

Become a Conversation Guide

Faculty, staff and returning students — we need your help to empower our first-year students to talk, share, listen and learn. You are encouraged to sign up to become a conversation guide where you help new Huskers have in-depth, meaningful conversations about inclusivity that will help shape their college experience and better our campus community.

Guides will be required to attend training to prepare for the Husker Dialogues event.

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