Commitment to Change

A Commitment to Change

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The Office of Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln provides vision, leadership, and advocacy in fostering an inclusive, equitable, and welcoming campus central to the land-grant mission. The Office leads and facilitates the development of institutional policies, protocols, and practices intended to create a more equitable, and inclusive campus culture.

Our office commits to continuing to serve the University community in helping chart a path forward by:

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Expanding and promoting promising practices that establish a culture of belonging and expand the university’s actions towards a diverse, equitable, and inclusive campus. We will start by implementing policies and practices related to hiring, retention, and support.
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Promoting education and development to departments/schools/colleges throughout the university focused on fostering a culture dedicated to anti-racism, racial equity, equity, diversity, and inclusion.
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Continuing to work with BIPOC and Queer scholars and practitioners, as well as scholars and practitioners with disabilities, who can help lead us in racial justice, social justice, and racial healing work.
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Providing support and resources to all units and organizations who commit to action plans laying out specific measures that promote the recruitment, retention, and success of historically marginalized populations.

UNL must be even more committed to our mission of building a community where each individual is able to work and learn in an atmosphere of dignity, equity and inclusion. While words are powerful, we must also act. We must strive for racial equity whenever and wherever it occurs. Our system requires action and reform as evidenced by disparities in education, income levels, health, housing, and criminal justice. As members of campus community, it is our responsibility to co-create and support a system that is responsive to inequities. While difficult, it is imperative to consistently recognize, interrogate and disrupt ourselves in all of this.

While many of us grieve every time a grave injustice occurs, we must disrupt a cycle of returning to the daily lives. We have to do something different to disrupt the cycle.

Please join us for these events and stay tuned on our Facebook, Twitter, and monthly Newsletter for updates on other events and opportunities for solidarity and reflection. If your department or organization is planning a program to promote solidarity and/or reflection, please let us know at

What We Are Doing As A Campus

Campus Communications

Dr. Barker letter - Standing in Solidarity is still needed-now more than ever

"First, I want to offer my sympathy to those directly and indirectly impacted by the most recent act of violence against the 8 victims of the Atlanta shooting—six who were of Asian descent and seven who were women. While the investigation into motive is still underway, these losses of lives occur during a time where there continues to be threats to and attacks toward Asian/Asian American and Pacifica Islander (AAPI) individuals and communities. I am reminded of our definition of “inclusion,” which calls for us to understand how context, histories, and systems must factor in assessing situations and outcomes."
Read the full text of "Standing in Solidarity is still needed-now more than ever" by Vice Chancellor Marco Barker

Dr. Barker letter - The Echoing Call for Systematic Change

"To be honest, I hesitated to write this statement. I thought about the countless incidences where people of color, indigenous women, and LGBTQ folxs were ignored, devalued and dehumanized, overlooked, discriminated against, and the ultimate consequence of their identity, murdered."
Read the full text of "The Echoing Call for Systemic Change" by Vice Chancellor Marco Barker

Chancellor Message- Spring 2021 Semester

"As an institution of higher education, we know this is a time to lean into discovery and learning. To probe and learn from the past. To explore and understand the present. To define and to shape the future, as called for and described eloquently by President Biden in his inaugural address. No matter what your major or field of study, you have an opportunity to be a part of this."
Read the full message by Chancellor Ronnie Green

Responses from Campus Leadership

Discussions as important as this one deserve an all-encompassing response. Read statements made by members of our campus community and learn more about our multi-faceted response.

Ongoing and New Initiatives

Launched The Journey

During summer 2020, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln initiated the Journey on Anti-Racism and Racial Equity — a campus collective aimed at pursuing racial justice and eliminated systematic racism.


All are welcome to join this virtual space gives that the Husker community a place to share their thoughts and feelings on inclusive excellence. Learn more about #NCLUDE.

My Husker Action

My Husker Action is a collective undertaking of all of UNL to do their part and take small actions that make a big difference. The campus community is encouraged to share their actions so together, we can create chance. Learn more about My Husker Action.

CEO Act!on

UNL has made a commitment to CEO Act!on which focuses on advancing diversity and inclusion efforts in the workplace. UNL seeks to elevate this dialogue so that together, we can become more inclusive leaders and ambassadors for diversity – on our campus, on teams and in our communities. Learn more about our commitment to CEO Act!on.

Educational Opportunities

Diversity Education Request

Need assistance with your educational materials? See if our Diversity & Inclusion office is available for outreach. Learn more about requesting diversity education


All are welcome to join this virtual space gives that the Husker community a place to share their thoughts and feelings on inclusive excellence. Learn more about #NCLUDE.


AFIRE strives to create environments that promote inclusive excellence through their workshops and pledge programs. Learn more about AFIRE

Dish It Up

Every Tuesday the Cornhusker community can gather to hold a meaningful and respectful dialogue about current events, individual perspectives, and worldwide happenings. Learn more about Dish It Up.

Lincoln Community Conversations & Campaigns

Together One Lincoln

Learn to hold respectful and open conversations with your friends and family members over the topics that matter most. Learn more about Together One Lincoln.

The Malone Center

The Malone Center is a community center focused on advocating for racial and socioeconomic equality. Learn more about The Malone Center.


Lincoln's YWCA is devoted to eliminating racism and empowering women through community programs and advocacy. Learn more about YWCA.

Asians Community Center

The Asian Community and Cultural Center provides education, advocacy and community centered on Lincoln's Asian population. Learn more about the Asian Community and Cultural Center.

What You Can Do

While words are powerful, we must also act. We’ve curated actions you can take today to help educate yourself and get involved in making meaningful change as we move forward together in creating a more equitable and inclusive campus.

Contact us with questions