Institute for Inclusive Innovation (I-3)

fostering inclusive innovation for the workplace of tomorrow

2024-2025 Application
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What is I-3?

The Institute for Inclusive Innovation (I-3) is a dynamic leadership cohort program meticulously crafted to empower sophomores and juniors from diverse, intellectual backgrounds. Our program offers a comprehensive platform for students to enrich their understanding of leadership, inclusive excellence, and innovation, facilitated by industry experts, esteemed thought leaders, and immersive experiential learning.

Participants in the program will delve into rich learning experiences, including insightful workshops, engaging seminars, and hands-on projects. Moreover, students will have the unique opportunity to apply the principles garnered from the institute through internships, externships, or specialized projects tailored to their interests and career aspirations. Through a spectrum of experiential learning endeavors such as internships, job shadowing, mentorship, and other impactful activities, students will hone essential interpersonal and cultural skills crucial for success in the professional realm. These skills encompass effective communication, cultural competence, self-motivation, leadership acumen, accountability, collaborative teamwork, problem-solving, adaptability, and time management.

Deadline: Monday, April 22, 2024

    The Experience

    The I-3 program offers a transformative one-year journey designed to equip participants with invaluable skills and insights. Spanning across the fall and spring semesters, this comprehensive experience encompasses multifaceted sessions, immersive applied learning opportunities, and a culminating showcase of inclusive innovative ideas.

    Fall Semester

    Throughout the fall semester, participants engage in an immersive 9-week course comprising an array of modules, resources, and guest speakers from various industries. These meticulously curated sessions are designed to equip students with a robust foundation of knowledge and skills essential for their forthcoming hands-on experiences in the spring semester.

    The 2024 Fall sessions will be held every Thursday beginning September 12 from 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM.

      Covering a wide spectrum of topics, the session lessons delve into pivotal areas such as:

      • Cultural Intelligence
      • Innovation
      • Branding & Networking

      Spring Semester

      Throughout the spring semester, participants transition to a dynamic, hands-on learning approach that empowers them to apply their acquired knowledge and skills in real-world settings. This immersive phase offers students a multifaceted learning experience, providing them with the opportunity to engage in one of the following impactful pathways:

      • Immersive innovation experience within an organization
      • CEO and/or entrepreneur mentorship
      • Tailored leadership or innovation project

        Why should a student consider applying?

        • Discern and communicate an authentic professional identity through mentoring and coaching that helps you bring your best whole self to your professional goal.
        • Develop innovation skills by making space for the cultural and intellectual diversity that you and others bring to your professional lives.
        • Connect with professional networks, community, and cultural capital to launch a successful career.
        • The institute is a paid program where students can receive up to $500 for the fall experience and up to $1,200 for the immersive spring experience.

        Participating Sponsors

        • GOOGLE