Husker Dialogues Committee Information

Husker Conversation Guides (HCGs) – Guide and support the dialogue/conversations during Husker Dialogues. HCGs will be required to attend (1) Husker conversation/dialogue training and (2) *Husker Dialogues (event)

Husker Conversation Trainers (HCTs) - Train HCGs on strategies to engage event participants in reflective conversations surrounding questions that matter to everyone, regardless of one's background or lived experiences. Provide strategies to HCGs designed to strengthen their college community, deepen peer understanding and bridge the divide across differences, while supplying approaches for individuals to apply what they have learned and or experienced. Trainers will be required to attend the following: (1) Train the trainer workshops, and (2) *Husker Dialogues (event).

Logistics – Develop and implement strategies for experience accommodation and facility planning. Coordinate and assist with day of event needs that include ushering, welcoming, seating and guiding participants throughout the experience while maintaining resources needed for emergency support and resource distribution. Members will be required to attend the following: (1) *Husker Dialogues (event)

Student Experience – Design and implement campus-wide engagement strategies (pre and post experiences) to inspire dialogue for the *Husker Dialogues event while pursuing resources that will support meaningful impact for future experiences. Explore opportunities for structured collaboration, through a myriad of campus partners, in pursuit of initiatives beyond Husker Dialogues.

Marketing and Communication – Develop and implement all communication and marketing strategies for the experience. Coordinate and implement internal and external communication channels through collaborative efforts, ensuring effective community-wide engagement and visibility.

*Husker Dialogues is an annual event designed to ignite conversation for first-year students with the goal of empowering individuals to talk, share, listen and learn. Husker Dialogues is scheduled for September 10, 2020.

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