Professional Development and Well-being Breakout Sessions

Exploring DEI Funding Opportunities with OGS and ORED

Presenter: Amanda Bohlin, Proposal Development Coordinator, Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED); Alisha Hanshaw, Assistant Dean of Graduate Enrollment, Office of Graduate Studies (OGS); Nathan Meier, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Development, ORED; Jaclyn Tan, Proposal Development Specialist, ORED

This session will highlight a variety of grant funding opportunities for DEI-focused programming, research, and student support. These opportunities will include public and private sources of support. Presenters also will facilitate participant brainstorming and highlight Office of Research and Economic Development resources and services available to help members of the university community pursue external funding.

Accountability: Championing Inclusion Through Intentional Actions

Presenter: Karen Kassebaum, Ph.D., Intentional Inclusion Specialist, HUDL

This session will challenge you to hold yourself accountable for intentional acts of inclusion, which are essential for creating a more inclusive society. Inclusion is not just about diversity; it is about embracing culture, equity, inclusion, accessibility, belonging, and actively seeking to ensure that everyone feels seen safe, valued, respected, and welcomed regardless of their background, identities, intersectionality, or abilities. Participants will have the opportunity learn about accountability practices as well as engage in breakout conversations regarding the topic.

Mastering Professional Networking

Presenter: Celeste Spier, Ph.D. Director of Organizational Development, UNL Human Resources

Join us for an engaging presentation designed for professionals seeking to enhance their networking skills. Led by a seasoned professional, this session will explain the importance of professional networking, give specific conversational strategies, and include practical tips for overcoming common challenges. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in breakout conversations and ask the presenter questions. Whether you're just starting your career journey or looking to refine your networking approach, this presentation offers valuable insights to help you forge meaningful connections and advance your professional goals.

Building DEI into the everyday experience of your office

Presenter: J. Cody Nielsen, Executive Director, Convergence Strategies and Director, Center for Spirituality and Social Justice, Dickinson College

In the midst of the threat of DEI on our institutions, practitioners are looking for ways to better resource their offices and support DEI not just from a centralized unit, but everywhere. This session explores this opportunity, detailing some of the necessary ways in which each individual participant can consider resourcing their offices. From admissions to advancement, the session will draw upon the group of participants and will co-construct the resources and culture necessary to foster more inclusive and equitable learning environments. From revisions of department policies and procedures to the ways in which we interact with members of the campus community, all aspects of the roles and responsibilities of the offices/ units will be explored. The session will provide as well considerations on how units might consider diversity committees within their units and how such a committee can be best utilized.

Awaken your Inner Energies through Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Presenter: Dania Javaid, Fulbright Doctoral Fellow, Developmental & Learning Sciences, Educational Psychology

We all experience stress, can feel overwhelmed, and sometimes wonder if there’s more to life. There is. “There can be no peace in the world until there is peace within (Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi).” In the meditation session, an orientation would be given to the participants for Sahaja Yoga Meditation followed by introducing practices for finding inner peace through meditating on the seven Energy points (Chakras) in their body. Participants will have the opportunity to learn the practices of raising spiritual energy along with affirmations for self-realization. Following the session's conclusion, participants will receive handouts and resources to connect with the global Sahaja Yoga Community for daily meditation.

Sound Bath

Presenter: UNL Campus Recreation

In this deeply immersive meditative session, you will experience full-body listening that intentionally uses sound to invite gentle yet powerful therapeutic and restorative processes, nurturing your mind and body.