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Husker Dialogues connects first-year students to conversation tools that invoke meaningful discussions and inspire change. The goal of Husker Dialogues is to create an environment where the tough — but important — conversations can be held. By sharing our perspectives and actively listening to others, we can uphold our commitment as Huskers to foster inclusive excellence on campus. This event is hosted by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. 

Husker Dialogues is a welcoming and safe environment

We believe in the power of every person, and we uphold that belief by facilitating spaces where everyone's voice can be heard. Husker Dialogues allows Huskers to engage in meaningful discussions with their peers about their life experiences and to learn from one another. Nebraska is an inclusive learning community where all opinions, values and beliefs are respected, and we ask you to do your part in cultivating a safe environment where all Huskers can engage in this important conversation.

All Husker Dialogues participants are expected to follow these community guidelines:

  1. Practice Active Listening: Listen to learn, not simply respond.
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    Pay Attention

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    Withhold Judgement

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  2. Speak Up: Own your experience and share your story, and also share the space with your peers. 
  3. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone: Ask questions to understand others' perspectives and challenge your own thinking.    
  4. Create a Safe Space:
    • Do not record the conversation (audio/video).
    • Get consent before taking pictures.
    • Refrain using identifying information of participants during the conversation beyond Husker Dialogues.
  5. Build Community: Engage in courageous conversations with your group and conversation guides after the event.

Remember: This is a discussion, not a debate.  This is a space for free exchange of experiences and ideas.  You will be challenged. That is OK. That's how Huskers grow — together.  

Note: As a first-year students, your participation is expected but not required. NCards will be scanned at all events to report attendance back to professors.

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