We were fortunate to have two levels of development for this University of Nebraska Lincoln faculty and staff search guidance document. Initially, ten Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Fellows, worked tirelessly to create the initial vision and version of this document. A second round of review was conducted by a committee of faculty, staff, and administrators who provided valuable perspectives and insights around the search process for faculty and staff. Each of these development and review teams brought to the table an array of knowledge and expertise and a strong personal commitment to advance UNL’s ability to recruit and retain faculty and staff from underrepresented populations. Additionally, each team represents a broad spectrum of colleges, departments, and academic units, across the campus. Dr. Gwendolyn M. Combs and Dr. Karen Kassebaum in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion provided leadership and coordination of this work. We appreciate the efforts and diligence of the faculty fellows and the expanded faculty and staff review committee whose members are presented below (* indicates Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Fellow).

  • Richard Bischof, Institute for Agriculture Natural Resources
  • Stephanie Bondi, College of Education and Human Sciences*
  • Ian Borden, Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts*
  • Chad Brassil, College of Arts and Sciences*s
  • Nicole Buan, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources*
  • Trina Creighton, College of Journalism and Mass Communications*
  • Paul Erickson, University Computing Services
  • John Geppert, College of Business*
  • Debra Hope, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Chrissy Land, Nebraska Forest Services
  • Francisco Munoz-Arriola, College of Engineering*
  • Eric North, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources*
  • Deanna Schuldeis, Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance
  • Lily Wang, College of Engineering
  • Jody Wood, Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance
  • Christina Yao, College of Education and Human Sciences*

Special thanks to the staff members of the Offices of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer and others who assisted in the preparation of this document. Special appreciation is extended to:

  • Jason Casey, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Analytics
  • Jelena Gude, Faculty Human Resources Specialist
  • Jake Johnson, Associate to the Chancellor and Title IX Coordinator
  • Susan M. Swearer, Director of Faculty Development
  • Judy Walker, Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs
  • Susan Wendling, Employment and Compensation Associate