Index to the Appendices

Appendix I: Building the Pool
  1. Ongoing Process
  2. Resources to Build and Maintain a Diverse Candidate Pool
    1. Make use of your networks
    2. Conferences
    3. Professional Organizations
    4. National and Local Agencies for Underrepresented Groups
Appendix II: Creating the Search Committee
  1. Composition
  2. Training
  3. Charge to the Search Committee
  4. Non-faculty Employees
  5. Unconscious Bias and Stereotypes
  6. Conflicts of Interest
  7. Confidentiality
Appendix III: Job Description
  1. Candidate Skills
    1. Education and Experience
    2. Contributions to Diversity and Inclusion
    3. Research
    4. Teaching
    5. Grant Writing
  2. Job Description and Posting Language
    1. Examples of Inclusive Job· Description
    2. Use Gender-Neutral Language
  3. Statement of Institutional Values
  4. Dual Career and Cluster Hiring
  5. Information from the Applicant
Appendix IV: Rubric for Evaluating Candidates
  1. Inefficient Rubrics
  2. Efficient Rubrics
  3. Rubric Construction and Use
  4. Qualification Matrix
Appendix V: Communicating with the Candidates
Appendix VI: List of Potential Sources for Recruiting Diverse Applicants for Faculty Positions
Appendix VII: Inclusive Excellence and Definitions
Appendix VIII: Questions to Avoid in Interviewing
Appendix IX: New Hire Checklist Samples
Appendix X: References