Building a Diverse and Inclusive Pool of Applicants

Diversity among the applicant pool is an important prerequisite to hiring candidates who will increase the diversity of the staff and faculty6. In fact, as a recipient of federal grants, federal law compels the university to intentionally recruit underrepresented groups when soliciting applications. A critical objective for UNL is to increase the number of people from underrepresented groups applying for our faculty and staff positions.

Although committees are reminded that establishing quotas are not allowed, they should work with the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance (IEC) regarding the diversity of the applicant pool. Here we are suggesting that IEC Equal Employment Opportunity data be consulted early in the process to determine the success of recruitment efforts.

Long-Term Recruiting Activities

Recruitment of applicants for positions begins years in advance of an actual open position. In terms of faculty, be intentional with departmental seminar invitations, and invite underrepresented speakers and those from academic programs that graduate students of color and women. Seminar speakers may consider applying to future position openings, or they may recommend people in their network to apply for UNL positions. When attending professional events, UNL faculty and staff should seek to build networks with colleagues from underrepresented groups. Building relationships with individuals and institutions producing highly qualified underrepresented graduates can pay dividends in attracting underrepresented diverse applicants.

Some institutions and databases publish the number of PhDs awarded to minoritized individuals and women each year, and colleagues from these institutions may be willing to partner with UNL to increase job applicants. Maintain contact with academic and professional programs across the nation that seek to develop underrepresented individuals as future faculty and as managerial professional employees. Contact them about recent and future graduates. Postdoctoral positions are great mechanisms to hire people who bring diversity to the field. Use these positions as an opportunity to groom new graduates for faculty roles. For staff positions, internships and summer job opportunities can also create pathways for nurturing future applicants from underrepresented demographic groups.

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