Forming the Search Committee

An effective way to ensure the search process maximizes the possibility of recruiting talented underrepresented faculty and staff is to include members on search committees who will contribute diverse viewpoints when evaluating applicants. Diversity in thought, experiences, and perspective can ensure a strong foundation for an equitable search process. Those in underrepresented groups external to the hiring unit, and across faculty and staff ranks, may evaluate candidates through lenses shaped by diverse life and professional experiences.

Administrators should acknowledge that underrepresented faculty members and staff are repeatedly called to serve on search committees. This work must be rewarded, and other service responsibilities adjusted as appropriate.

In terms of incorporating and enhancing current university requirements related to search committees, we state the following regarding required practices for search committee composition:

  • All search committee members must complete appropriate search process training that includes UNL Search Compliance Training or other training that might be required/suggested.
  • Search committee membership must demonstrate racial/ethnic diversity, as well as gender diversity. Additionally, areas of interest and other dimensions of diversity can be included as possible.
  • At least one member from a collaborating or an outside unit; and members who have a demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion in the university (see Appendix II, Section B).